Leyla Gediz is an artist but above all, she is a painter. Her art displays her uncanny attention to detail, representing spaces and stories. Having worked with various institutions for many years, she finally decided to make a break and spread her wings to fly independently and courageously.


Her home reflects her genuine and gracious personality. Crowned by three matronly cats, it serves as a sanctuary for Leyla and her husband Cihan Kıvanç. By night it is a space that resonates with the sounds of her friend’s laughter and in the mornings it retreats, exuding an air of calm. The vast space is often used as a carpentry and music tudio, however, overall it is a comfortable shelter for thought. The building ‘Kilimli Konak’ used to serve an extraordinary troupe of figures long before she moved in: from Turkey’s first female astronaut, first female dean and senator, to Turkey’s first violin professor.


Now, in the middle of her beloved neighborhood, where the present mingles with the past, she lives in an apartment full of historical significance. Her new exhibition ‘Kilimli Konak’ is situated in her very own living room – not much of a surprise for someone who wears her heart on her sleeve. By transforming her home into an exhibition space the boundaries between the private and the public dissolve, reflecting many aspects of the recent political upheaval in Turkey. Leyla ponders and interprets the storytelling aspects of life. Having always felt like she was in a story herself yet not in control as its author, today she finally feels it is her story to tell